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My name is Gosia Kozdron and I am a UK-based, freelance, digital children's book illustrator. I have recently self-published a picture book titled " I'm a Buzz, Buzz Bee. Learn about me!" which is available on Amazon. 


I graduated with a foundation degree in Art & Design from London Metropolitan University in 2016 and with a Bachelors degree in illustration in 2019. 

I love to illustrate projects that are full of magic, nature, adventure and anything in between. With every illustration I create, I try to depict the beauty of nature and everything that surrounds us. I get inspired by wild animal and nature photography because I think it's important to bring even more attention to the world around us and make more people aware of how beautiful nature is. 

I always pay attention to the smallest details and aim to create colour palettes that are challenging the normal way we view things, which I think is what makes my work more unique. 

My clients include KUNAI LTD, QE2 LTD, and EDWARD CEDAR LTD. I also have a range of Baby Blankets with a baby brand called CUTE MONKEY which is available on AMAZON.